Geopolitics of the Poles in the Anthropocene Age

 Science and politics are intricately intertwined more so in Polar Regions where science ensures access. The Antarctic Treaty has provided an excellent platform for resolving minor irritants even though some experts feel that the Treaty is lately hollowing (Hemmings, 2017). Even at the height of the cold war period when the ‘the potential for the […]

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biodiversity as conservation

Biodiversity as Conservation | Threats & Conservation Efforts

Thomas Lovejoy in 1980 coined the term ‘Biological Diversity’ which was later modified by E. O. Wilson in 1986 who coined the term ‘Biodiversity’ in his report for the first American Forum on Biological Diversity. As a term intimately related to environmental and wildlife conservation, although the popularity of the term has increased dramatically since […]

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Anthropocene Security Climate Change and the Southern Polar Region

In the light of persuasive evidence provided under the rubric of earth science system, the multifaceted challenge of anthropogenic climate change demands and deserves rethinking ‘security’ as well as ‘sovereignty’ in the ecological context of the ‘Anthropocene’; a new geological era marked by huge transformations in the biosphere caused by an unprecedented scale of human […]

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