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Agricultural Biotechnologies

Application of biotechnology in Indian agriculture gained prominence with the cultivation of transgenic BT cotton crop in 2002. Since then, India has taken the lead in exploring the potential of biotechnology on various fronts. The biotechnology programme in agriculture includes molecular mapping of genes of important plants, marker genes for selection of quality traits, development […]

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Eco-Friendly Plastics

Plastic’ is the collective name for synthetic or semi-synthetic organic materials that is today inextricably related to everyone’s life. The origin of the term ‘plastic’ is not known with certainty – perhaps it is Greek for ‘plastikos’ meaning ‘fit for moulding’ or from ‘plastos’ meaning ‘moulded’. Plastics consist of long chain molecules (amorphous solids) or […]

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Sustainably using Biodiversity

Habitat fragmentation and reduced genetic diversity Over a billion people, their need for food, fibre, shelter, fuel and fodder and an urge for economic development exerts an inexplicable burden on India’s natural resources. With half of the total land under agriculture and approximately 23 per cent under forests, the protection of diverse habitats poses a […]

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