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Urban Growth in India, urbanization, cities, development, migration, urban settlement, gentrification

Urban Growth in India: Disturbing Trends

The development of a country is often correlated with the process of rapid urbanisation, which entails an occupational shift from rural agricultural livelihoods to one that involves more industrial and tertiary activities. Besides changes in core economic life, urban livelihood is closely linked to modernity that implies cultural and civic values vastly different from feudal […]

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Rural Electrification: Orissa

The Central budgetary support under Rajiv Gandhi Gramin Vidyutikaran Yojana to four districts, Angul, Nayagarh, Ganjam and Gajapati in Orissa was approved by the Ministry of Power, Govt. of India in 2005. Though the Centre approved the State’s proposal for electrification of 11,374 villages, only 5,249 villages have been electrified. It was targeted to provide […]

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