Climate Change in the Himalayas

The Basic Possible Impacts of Climate Change in the Himalayas

Climate Change in the Himalayas is a major topic of worry for climate watchers in the Subcontinent and across the world. The Himalayas have the largest deposits of snow and ice in the world outside the Polar Regions and is often referred to as the ‘Third Pole’ and also as the ‘Water Tower of Asia’. […]

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Stalagmites Reveal Past Drought Records

The Indian economy is primarily dependent on harvests, which in turn are regulated by monsoon rains. Frequent droughts and floods can not only have severe repercussions on public health, but significantly impair a country’s economy. Even when the monsoon is regular, one notices significant variations in the intensity, occurrence and duration on annual time scales. […]

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Trends and Response Options: Extreme Events in India

The occurrence of a value of a weather or climate variable way above or way below a threshold value normally results in an abnormal weather related event which could be termed as an extreme event. The most commonly occurring extreme events are floods resulting from high precipitation, droughts resulting from deficient rainfall conditions, and heat […]

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