Visual Aids in Geography Teaching

Towards Creating a Geography Toolkit for Better Learning

December 19 was well spent. We did what is closest to our hearts – Geography. As part of a series,  a lecture for 100 odd Geography teachers of DPS schools all over the nation and abroad was conducted by Dr. Vinita Kher Director, Delhi Public School Society. The mandate was to eliminate learning by rote […]

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population density

Population Density in terms of Geography in India

The most common sort among the calculations of population density is as defined by the number of persons per square kilometre. Calculations of population density depict the concentration of population over certain spatial units, and the Census of India uses number of persons per square kilometre as its principle method with which to measure population […]

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geography in school curriculum, rural india, rural children, village school, social science

Place of Geography in School Curriculum

Geography is an important school subject. However, considerable ambiguities persist in its exact position within academia. As an inclusive discipline, the content of geography is derived from various subjects in the sciences, social sciences and humanities. This is equally true about the geography syllabus in schools as well. As a result, geography is still dogged […]

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