M Ravichandran I NCPOR: India’s gateway to Polar Regions

G’nY. NCPOR has changed its name several times to justify its reorientation to changing roles. How would you define these rechristening? The first Indian expedition to Antarctica was launched from National Institute of Oceanography (NIO), Goa. Soon after the Department of Ocean Development (DOD) came into existence. With an increasing awareness of Antarctica, DOD soon […]

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Global Warming and Impacts of Glacial Meltdowns on Indian Rivers

Other the polar regions, the Himalayas follow as the largest deposit of frozen water in the world, especially in the case of Himalayan glaciers. Himalayan glaciers make up about 17 per cent of the Himalayas and about 37 per cent of the Karakoram Range. The water melted from Himalayan glaciers form the headwaters for many […]

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wastage of Himalayan glaciers

Climate Change Severe Threat to Himalayan Glaciers

Many studies on wastage of Himalayan glaciers have come to the conclusion that Himalayan glaciers are retreating with varying rates of retreat between individual glaciers. This glacial retreat can vary between a few meters to up to 61 m/year. Also, mapping carried out of an area of about 11,000 sq km out of 40,000 sq […]

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