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K J Ramesh I Bettering Monsoon Predictions

G’nY. Would you say that the accuracy of monsoon prediction has improved over the years? Monsoon rainfall predictions. Yes indeed. We have been able to improve the monsoon rainfall predictions on all temporal and spatial scales as far as rainfall distribution over the last 5 years is concerned. Coupled ocean-atmospheric model is run on a […]

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Six things you must know about the Indian Monsoon

Discovery of the phenomena of monsoon A Greek text, Periplus of the Erythreaeansea, which describes navigation and trading opportunities, talks about seasonal winds bringing navigators to safety. The writer of this text, Pliny, credits Hippalus with the discovery of these winds and its route across the Arabian Sea to India, around 1st Century BCE. Who […]

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Study claims early forecast of Indian monsoon

A study at the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK), Germany claims the Indian monsoon’s yearly onset and withdrawal can now be forecasted significantly earlier than previously possible. A team of scientists, V Stolbova, E Surovyatkina, B Bookhagen and I Kurths, developed a novel prediction method based on a network analysis of regional weather […]

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Incessant rain inundates Madhya Pradesh

New Delhi, July 20 (G’nY News Service): Incessant monsoon rains that Madhya Pradesh witnessed since July 18 brought about flash floods in many parts of the state. The capital of the state, Bhopal, was also affected by the continuous downpour and normal life in the city was disturbed. The water-clogged streetscaused hindrance in transportation and […]

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