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Dr M N Rajeevan I Technological innovations can help India become third largest economy by 2030

G’nY. With the global environment subject to rapid change, where do you think oceans feature? Oceans are the storehouses of energy, water and food and control weather and climate, underpinning life on Earth. However that relationship is ever-changing. Any change in the ocean system caused by anthropological means or otherwise affects the planet in some […]

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A Career in Climate Science

Climate Change has become one of the most challenging concerns in the contemporary world. As reported in mid-September this year, the Centre for Science and Environment (CSE), after analysing climate models has predicted that India is likely to be subjected to extreme rainfalls and discriminate weather conditions in the future. This will pose enhanced danger […]

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Extreme Events: Weather Service for Indian Agriculture

The term extreme weather or climate event refers to ‘an occurrence of…a weather or climate variable beyond a threshold…,’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, (IPCC) 2012. It includes very high (and low) temperatures, very heavy rainfall (and snowfall in cold climates) and very high wind speeds. By definition, extreme weather events occur only rarely and […]

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