Stone Crushing

Using GIS to identify safe zones for stone crushers in Karnataka

Stone Crushing is the process of reducing large stones into smaller stones, depending on their requirements. The crushed stones are raw materials for various construction activities and are used in the construction of roads, highways, buildings, bridges and more. They are also required for cement products such as concrete hollow blocks, well rings, door frames […]

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Cloud seeding

Seeding Clouds to Spout Rain

Cloud seeding is a method of enabling inefficient clouds to bring rain, or enhance rainfall from a seedable cloud by introducing seeding material. The secondary effect of evaporation from falling precipitation improves the thermodynamic efficiency of the environment to form fresh convective clouds and more rain. This principle is used to enhance rainfall and reduce […]

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food politics in india, malnourished children, village kids, rural children

Food Politics Victimize Malnourished Children in India

New Delhi, July 22 (G’nY News Service): The government’s midday meal scheme, which provides five meals a week to malnourished children in rural areas, is now embroiled in a new controversy. The Madhya Pradesh government has just dismissed a suggestion to include eggs a part of its mid day meal scheme. Instead the government has […]

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Rs 100 crore crab industry under threat from biodiversity loss, indiscriminate crabbing

Rs 100 crore crab industry under threat from biodiversity loss, indiscriminate crabbing With no legal control and monitoring mechanism, over exploitation of mud crabs from the wild has resulted in the stagnation of fisheries production of this species across the country, affecting the livelihood of many in the coastal districts. Sumitra Samanth in her shop […]

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