India’s World Class Tsunami Warning Services

A tsunami early warning system is devised to detect tsunamis well in advance and issue timely warnings to prevent loss of life and damage. A tsunami early warning system is made up of two components, a network of sensors to detect tsunamis and a communication infrastructure to disseminate timely alarms for evacuation of people from […]

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aircraft probing

Aircraft Probing

Airborne measurements are extremely important for aerosol sampling, measurement of cloud properties, cloud physics, atmospheric chemistry and other scientific needs. Aircraft probing and surveillance enables the observation of upper air phenomena, especially cloud aerosol interaction. The wealth of atmospheric, aerosol and cloud microphysics data generated by aircraft probing can be used in assessing air pollution […]

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Disaster Management Perspectives: Learning from Phailin

According to the Fourth Assessment Report of the IPCC 2007, human utilisation of the coastal zone, worldwide, increased dramatically during the 20th century and this trend appears to be certain to continue during the 21st century. India will be no exception. Climate change and its resultant sea-level rise can significantly increase the vulnerability of a […]

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