The Most Vulnerable Primitive Tribal Groups in India

Scheduled Tribes are classified as a community of indigenous or tribal people by the Constitution who are also deemed as socially disadvantaged. Out of Scheduled Tribes, the tribal groups least affected by modern processes of development, i.e. Primitive Tribal Groups (PTGs) in India are characterized by being geographically isolated and relatively cut off from mainstream […]

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counter urbanization

Does India Require Counter Urbanization

Urbanization is one of the most common global phenomena in the world, and is said to occur in many phases. In the overwhelming majority of cases, urban lifestyles and infrastructure has spread to encompass most human settlements. It is very rare that the opposite occurs, and rural lifestyles and infrastructure spread and influence human settlement […]

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The Tale of Missing Daughters

An increasingly masculinising population has thus been a continuing historical reality in India. The first censuses by the British administration in colonial India had noted the unusually male-heavy character of the Indian population. However, in the absence of reliable statistics, it took decades for scholars to make sense of this oddity and to establish that […]

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