Sea Level Change in Lothal

Foraminifera Fossils Indicate Sea Level Change in Lothal

  Geologists have extensively researched sea level variation and depth fluctuations along the Indian coasts, using foraminifera, a sea organism, found in abundance all over the oceans. They are either benthic or planktonic depending upon whether they live on the sea bottom or float in the upper water column. Out of an estimated 4000 species […]

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Warming Temperatures and Arctic’s Dwindling Sea Ice

The dramatic changes in the Arctic environment over the past couple of decades, caused by rising surface temperatures, loss of sea ice and diminishing habitat for its wild life have forced policy makers to find science-based answers to the problem. The surface air temperatures over the Arctic have been rising twice as fast as the […]

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Record warmest year third time in a row

NASA has declared this year to be the hottest year yet recorded. September turned out to be the warmest in modern temperature monitoring of 137 years. The recent findings follow record-breaking monthly anomalies throughout this year, leading the agency to believe that because of the highs reported so far. The first nine months of 2016, as […]

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