Generic Urbanisation Delhi’s Reality

Human evolution is followed by developmental activities that assimilate heterogeneous living conditions. During all stages of development and economic activity, the nature of human habitation (settlement) keeps pace with changes in human needs, technology and available resources. In the past as human populations evolved from a nomadic life to cultivation of farmlands and permanent settlements, […]

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Smart Cities Mission

Land Challenges in Smart Cities

The Smart Cities Mission launched in June 2015 by the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) government envisages to redeem 20 cities with central assistance, to develop physical, institutional, social and economic infrastructure which is aimed at improving the quality of life as well as economic viability of these urban centres. This was long overdue as most […]

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Climate Change, Cities and Urban Poor

Cities are hubs of assets and economic activities, and therefore of population. Cities also degrade the environment, significantly contributing to climate change directly or indirectly. At the same time cities are also vulnerable to climate change impacts. Though degradation is primarily attributable to the affluent urban section, its repercussions impact the urban poor much more. […]

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rural women, washing clothes, pond, periurban,

Periurban India

Though the expression ‘periurban’ is used commonly, a clear and unambiguous definition is not yet available. However, a general consensus in literature leads to surmise these as fringe areas between rural and larger urban centres. Periurban areas have unique characteristics where general urban morphology is altered and traditional physical differences between urban and rural areas […]

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India’s Urbanisation: Highlights 2011 Census

Urbanisation is a process rather than a measure that draws strands from several interrelated social sciences. Technically it can be defined as increments to urban population as a percentage to total population. Urban growth, however, refers to the increase in urban population itself. Presently, urbanisation is being guided by contemporary globalisation, and ‘global cities’ perform […]

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