waste water

Waste Water From Homes & Industries – Impending Crisis

Waste water is produced in almost every home and industry, which somehow has been finding its way into our fresh water bodies, thus adding another concern to our long list of things that ail the planet. Our constant development has come at the cost of generation of large quantities of wastewater. https://www.geographyandyou.com/climate-change/environment/bengaluru-wastes/ This certainly raises […]

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Traditional water conservation Methods

Ten Traditional Water Conservation Methods Still In Use

Having a varied terrain India poses a challenging prospect when it comes to water conservation and water usage. One particular solution is thus not applicable to different areas of the country. In addition, while the use of technology and advancement of science can provide ready solutions, sometimes, traditional time-tested ways can help fulfill the requirements […]

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Groundwater Exploitation in the Northwest Plains

Groundwater subsumes 97 per cent of the world’s readily accessible freshwater and also caters to the rural, urban, industrial and irrigation water supply needs of about 2 billion people around the world, as pointed out by a 2011 World Bank report on ‘Indian Groundwater Governance’. With the gradual depletion of surface water resources by unprecedented […]

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