The Invisible Indians


New Delhi, June 29 (G’nY News Service): For children who blossom in orphanages there is little they can plan after turning 18. While a few successfully sustain themselves, most of them tread the path that society has paved for them. The journey that starts with depression, drugs, prostitution, HIV, malnutrition and myriad other forms of deprivation, leads to invisibility in a heartless society.


Orphans in most developing countries have a bleak future. By the tender age of 18, they are moved out of their foster homes, or orphanages, defenseless and without an identity. Not only are they deprived of the sense of security, but also of the gift of education. An insignificant existence in a country doesn’t even consider them important enough for any statistical survey about their educational qualification or employment records. About 20 million children are in India are orphans with no access to the benefits that a social group as deprived as theirs would normally have.

Let’s urge the Indian Government to recognize orphans as a socially deprived group and provide for reservation for orphans in educational institutions and government jobs with a view to empower the orphans to live and help them create new generations filled with respectability.

Let us help our orphans lead a productive and identity-engorged life.

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