Visual Aids in Geography Teaching

Towards Creating a Geography Toolkit for Better Learning


December 19 was well spent. We did what is closest to our hearts – Geography. As part of a series,  a lecture for 100 odd Geography teachers of DPS schools all over the nation and abroad was conducted by Dr. Vinita Kher Director, Delhi Public School Society. The mandate was to eliminate learning by rote – especially for a subject as dynamic as Geography. Dr Vinita’s thirst for world-class knowledge systems is palpable and her enthusiasm infectious.  She has been involved in conducting such important workshops and encouraging teachers to go for quality education standards. In this regard, Ms. Sulagna Chattopadhyay, President, LIGHTS Research Founder and Editor, Geography and You (G’nY) was invited by Delhi Public School (DPS) Society for delivering a guest lecture at the DPS Dwarka workshop to enrich Geography teachers with effective teaching techniques. A warm welcome from Dr. Vinita Kher was received in front of many Geography teachers who came from different DPS branches across the country. A very enlightening lecture on a very interesting topic “Visual Aids in Geography Teaching” was delivered by Ms. Chattopadhyay.

Importance of Need for visual tools with activity based on memory cards using Atmospheric layers card involving teachers were initially explained. Visual tool creation method that included Analysis, Design, Development Implementation and feedback/Evaluation were explained subsequently. Various school based activities such as GIS mappingGeology Kit, Soil Moisture, etc were performed with the teachers to improve their knowledge about improving geography teaching.
Visual Aids

A detailed discussion on Survey based teaching and survey method was also done showing various knowledge based videos from the Geography and You website.  Activities based on Information and Communication Technology (ICT) for school students and its effectiveness were explained too. The lecture ended with the presentation of various online video resources useful for effective teaching and research data. Throughout the lecture the teachers were deeply immersed that showed the interest generated among teachers and effectiveness of the visual aids in geography teaching.

Geography teachers of DPS have great new ideas for experimentation and interpretation and the interaction with them was eye-opening. There is so much that these teachers and the subject can achieve if only they have access to the right teaching and training tools. The feedback from the teachers was encouraging and GnY will attempt to help them in any possible way. G’nY has always been at the forefront of Geographical developments and has huge experience and expertise in geography, science and technology that have been gained from the hard work done over many years and thus we plan to formalize our learning and create a teaching toolkit for them in the future.

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