Urban India: Housing Stress

By: Staff Reporter

According to a report of the Technical Group of Housing Shortage, Planning Commission, housing shortage as in 2007 is estimated to be around 24.71 million and the housing shortage during the plan period (2007-2012) including the backlog was estimated as 26.53 million. Most of the housing shortage is experienced by the economically weaker section and low income groups which does not get translated into economic demand due to lower purchasing power of the poor. A sizeable number of this requirement leads to squatting and slums. The National Sample Survey (58th Round) emphasises the qualitative aspects of housing shortage. Some of the highlights are that the average household size in urban areas is 4.47 and 67 per cent dwelling units are pucca structures. Only 20 per cent of dwellings in slum areas has a plinth area exceeding 50 sq. m. On an average an urban household occupied 37 sq m and per capita floor area in urban slums is about 4.6 sq. m. Nearly 11 per cent of housing structures in urban areas are in poor condition, needing repair and renovation.

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