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Waste to Energy Plant, Ghazipur

By: Staff Reporter
Renewable Energy

New Delhi, July 31 (G’nY News Service): While inspecting the Waste-to-Energy Plant at Ghazipur, Delhi’s incumbent Minister for Environment and Forest, Asim Ahmed Khan, emphasized on the urgent need for Waste Management. Talking about the proliferating population of the National Capital, the Minister addressed that New Delhi is in urgent need of a proper solid waste management system.

The Minister also cited immediate adoption of best international practices for bolstering the solid waste management system of the city. He said, this would not only make the city environmentally friendly but will also be the perfect answer for the pushing limits of the three garbage dumps of the city.

The new Waste-to-Energy plant, installed by the East Delhi Waste Processing Company Ltd. on a public-private partnership model with East Delhi Municipal Corporation, was set up to provide a scientific solution to the problem of garbage disposal at the Ghazipur landfill site in 2012. The plant has a capacity of generating 12 MW electricity from 1,300 tonnes of solid water daily. The plant will use garbage to produce refuse derived fuel, which powers a boiler that is used to generate electricity. Although the plant scheduled to be commissioned by June, officials from the plant revealed that it will take at least two more months before it is functional.

Waste management is an issue that has never been addressed to effectually in Delhi. The pushing limits of the city’s landfills not only pose health hazards to its residents but also have conjured a bigger threat – contamination of underground water due to seepage of garbage water.

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The infamous landfill site at Gazipur had long passed its capacity yet the East Delhi Municipal Corporation continues dump over 2,500 metric tonnes of garbage daily due to the lack of alternatives.

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