Water Returns

By: Staff Reporter
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The 12th Five Year Plan(2012-2017) document envisages filing of ‘water returns’ as compulsory by the commercial and manufacturing companies to check the reckless use of water and pollution. Water returns should include key measures like water utilisation per unit of produce, effluent discharge details, rain water harvested, water reuse details, fresh water consumption and so on. Many industries are reported to be not reutilising the drained out dirty water by recycling. The National Water Policy (2012) stipulates that ‘recycle and reuse of water, including return flows, should be the general norm’ and that ‘recycle and reuse of water, after treatment to specified standards, should also be incentivised through a properly planned tariff system’. However, the  central government has till date not carried out any study to assess the quantity of water being misused by industries and the resulting water pollution prior to formulation of the proposal for water return.

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