Youth refuse lifestyle compromises to arrest CC

By: Staff Reporter

New Delhi, November 20 (G’nY News Service): There is an urgent need to link climate change to other social challenges such as poverty, alleviation, disease control and prevention. The report- ‘Climate Action: Youth Voices’  suggests that in India and Vietnam, the youth’s priority was not oriented to building resilience towards climate change but, startlingly true for urban youths was the fact that they refused to compromise with their lifestyles for a more emission free scenario.

A seminar conducted by Prof. Mathew Hibberd, Head of Communications, Media and Culture, University of Stirling, UK and Alka Tomar, Founder-President, Centre for Environment Communication (CEC) on November 19, 2015, New Delhi, combined youth voices across four nations – India, Italy, the United Kingdom and Vietnam. The report also argues that young people from Europe and Asia remain hopeful of an internationally binding agreement, which is vital in tackling key ecological problems of the 21st century including global warming and extreme weather events.

Over the four nations mentioned above, an approximate of 500 participants who were in youth based or youth led organizations were approached for in-depth interviews. Basic questions were put up to know what exactly ‘climate change’ was according to them. Alka said that she was surprised to see that almost 75 per cent of the youth that was approached did not know what climate change was. Prof. Mathew added that the youth know about the farmer suicides, crop destruction and other climatic changes occurring around them, but only a handful knew why that was happening.

Alka emphasized the critical need to draw youth into climate change discussions. She said, “For a sustainable tomorrow, it is critical that we engage the mainstream youth in climate change discourses and solutions to create a future generation of climate conscious citizens”.

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