Seabed Mining

: Oceans - 4 days ago

In 2018, the first deep sea mine will begin production in the territorial waters of Papua New Guinea. The project­­—Solwara I, is to be executed by Nautilus Minerals, which has been granted the lease...


Mining of polymetallic nodules in the Indian Ocean

: Interviews - 3 weeks ago

In conversation with Dr. G. A. Ramadass, Group Head, Scientist-G, Deep Sea Technologies Group, National Institute of Ocean Technology (NIOT). In an exclusive interview, Dr. Ramadass talks about India’s...


World Bank ranks Andhra no 1 in Energy Efficiency

: Renewable Energy - 3 months ago

The World Bank has ranked Andhra Pradesh as number 1 in ‘Energy Efficiency Implementation Readiness’. The World Bank was particularly impressed with the effective implementation of energy efficiency...

Tourism Regulatory Framework

: Travel - 4 days ago

Unregulated tourism has changed the landscape of several tourism destinations in India beyond repair....

Suckerfish: Darling of aquariums, terror of open waters

: Fisheries - 21 hours ago

Native to the streams, floodplain lakes and marshes of South America, the suckermouth sailfin catfish (scientific name: Pterygoplichthys) have successfully invaded inland water bodies of various countries...

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