How thermal power is generated!

: Energy - 5 days ago

Man has mastered so many arts, from intricately carving artefacts to building ballistic machines! Making power by burning fuels such as coal, petroleum or natural gas was one such achievement that lighted...


Consolidating the components of earth science research

: Interviews - 2 months ago

Padmashri P S Goel was at the helm of affairs at the time the Ministry of Earth Sciences (MoES) was constituted way back in 2006, and had initiated the integration process among MoES institutions. He continues...


Culling populism

Opinion - 3 months ago

The inconvenience of being human is enormous. We need lands to cultivate, homes to live, heating and cooling systems, roads and cars, factories and industries, not to mention overflowing coffers. If only our requirements were merely food, water and air,...

Seeding Clouds to Spout Rain

: Development - 2 months ago

Cloud seeding is a method of enabling inefficient clouds to bring rain, or enhance rainfall from a seedable cloud by introducing seeding material. The secondary effect of evaporation from falling precipitation...

Great Elephant Census Figures Showing Huge Decline in African Populations

: Wildlife - 4 weeks ago

31 August 2016, Nairobi - UN Environment deputy head Ibrahim Thiaw released the following statement in reaction...

Modern Day Relevance of von Thünen

: Policy - 1 week ago

September 26, 2016 Who was he? As the name suggests, Johann Heinrich von Thünen was a German, who acquired a large agricultural estate, Tellow, in 1810. If you try to locate this on the map you will...

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