Analyzing past monsoons with foraminifera

: Environment # Oceans - 2 weeks ago

Stable oxygen isotopic composition (δ18O) of foraminifera from the sediments of the Northern Indian Ocean has been used to decipher past changes in the intensity of the South Asian Monsoon. The interpretation...


Consolidating the components of earth science research

: Interviews - 4 months ago

Padmashri P S Goel was at the helm of affairs at the time the Ministry of Earth Sciences (MoES) was constituted way back in 2006, and had initiated the integration process among MoES institutions. He continues...


World Bank ranks Andhra no 1 in Energy Efficiency

: Renewable Energy - 4 weeks ago

The World Bank has ranked Andhra Pradesh as number 1 in ‘Energy Efficiency Implementation Readiness’. The World Bank was particularly impressed with the effective implementation of energy efficiency...

Unemployment Sops by the Haryana Government

: Livelihoods - 3 weeks ago

In a bid to appease local youth, the BJP-led Haryana government has announced a scheme for the educated...

Phytoliths: Aid to bio-sequestration

: Crops - 2 months ago

The last few decades has seen a lot of attention being focused on climate change and the increasing level of greenhouse gasses in the environment. Recent studies have clearly suggested that concentration...

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