NASA’s JUNO to unveil Jupiter to Earthlings

: Science Bytes # Technology - 3 weeks ago

Photo courtesy: NasaAfter successful expeditions to Mars and the Moon, NASA is now all set to conquer Jupiter. When Juno finally beeped from above Jupiter on July 4, 2016 after a 5-year long journey...


No illegal mining in Kudremukh, says KIOCL’s CEO

: Interviews - 3 weeks ago

In an exclusive interview with Malay Chatterjee, Chairman-Cum-Managing Director of Kudremukh Iron Ore Company Limited (KIOCL), on the status of steel and iron, closure of Kudremukh, market pressure and KIOCL’s...


Culling populism

Opinion - 2 weeks ago

The inconvenience of being human is enormous. We need lands to cultivate, homes to live, heating and cooling systems, roads and cars, factories and industries, not to mention overflowing coffers. If only our requirements were merely food, water and air,...

Policies to mitigate malnutrition in India

: Development # Health # inbriefpopulation - 2 weeks ago

As per the ‘State of the World‘s Children 2015’ report published by United Nations International Children Emergency Fund (UNICEF), the level of children who are underweight, stunted and wasted are 44, 48 and 20 per cent...

Narara Marine National Park

: Travel - 1 month ago

For a while I had been dreaming of visiting India’s only Marine National Park in the Gulf of Kutch,...

New National Policy on Marine Fisheries: Reviewing changes

: Fisheries # Policy - 4 weeks ago

With a coastline of 8,118 km, India harbours a huge potential for its aquaculture and fisheries industry and is already a major supplier and producer of fish in the world. As per National Fisheries Development...