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Urban Slum Dwellers Displacement and Vulnerability

Elite slum dwellers bargain, negotiate and build complex alliances outside the slum to gain power to displace, marginalise& exclude the poorest and widows.

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Seven new night frogs discovered in the Western Ghats

Seven new endemic species of Nyctibatrachus, or night frogs have been discovered after six years of intensive field surveys and collection of specimens in forests of Kerala and Tamil Nadu, in Southern Western Ghats, India by a team of researchers from the University of Delhi and the Kerala Forest Department. Four out of the seven new species in the study titled "Seven new species of Night Frogs (Anura, Nyctibatrachidae) from the Western Ghats Biodiversity Hotspot of India, with remarkably high...

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A Current Overview On The Endangered Species Of India

India is home to a variety of species, and rich flora and fauna. This contrasting biodiversity is what makes our country, the Incredible India it is today! However, with all the species that we have, there are some that are on the brink of extinction and hence have been kept in the category of endangered species. Here is a list of some endangered species which you need to see before they disappear completely: Ganges Dolphin o The Gangetic Dolphin is distributed in the Gangetic-Brahmaputra-Meghna...

Gender Justice # Life

Changing perspectives of child sex ratio in Haryana

It took Haryana twenty long years to bring up the child sex ratio (in the age group of 0 to 6 years) to 900 as per the Civil Registration System, January 2016 though it still remains lower than the generally accepted national norm of 950 girls to 1000 boys. Nevertheless, it is a significant improvement from the 2011 Census, where the child sex ratio was 834 girls to 1000 boys, far worse than the national average. At the same time in some parts of Haryana, there exists a growing population of young...

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Mine Tourism in India for the first time

Ever fancied climbing down sooty black tunnels with dank, dark walls flanking you on all sides? Well, face your fears, as 'extreme tourism' comes of age. From November 2016 onward, one can hop into a man riding system and travel down into live coalmines of Saoner, 500 m below the surface. Located near Nagpur, the mines can be accessed easily and can provide the most exhilarating experience of all times. The first official tour of the mine tourism initiative is being flagged off on the 28th of January. The...


Tourism Regulatory Framework

Although the Indian government has myriad schemes to promote tourism, there is no regulatory framework for the sector. If tourism is to be sustainable, with minimum impact on biodiversity and the environment, a regulatory policy framework is urgently needed.


Monkey Menace

Deforestation and habitat degradation have primarily contributed to monkeys moving into human settlements over the last few decades. Long-term scientific measures are the only solution to the monkey menace.


Elephantine Trouble

Elephants are today endangered due to fragmentation of habitat, reduction of forest cover, and the hostility of local communities to wildlife. A holistic approach to conservation is the best solution to benefit all concerned.


A Tranquility Called Lansdowne

The trek. Profile of ridge after ridge. Tall sturdy pine and rhododendron trees. The Garhwal Rifles. Hilltop houses. Village Zehrikhal. Laxmi from another village on another hill. Children back from school. The market downhill. Pocket sized shops. The effervescently handsome CD woman. Hot buns off the divinely fragrant bakery. Whitewashed buildings with ornate gates. Kitchen gardens or lack of it. Yellow and white daisies. Sharp strong sunlight. Bungalows under construction, dust, cement, bricks and stones. St. Mary's Church and battle mementos. Waiting endlessly for lunch and dinner. Shaggy dogs and stocky horses. Goat crossing. Birds all over. Tents with a view

Gender Justice

Women Empowerment: An Overused Term

Women Empowerment is a much used cliched term that has outlived its utility. Women can become independent only when they are self motivated and no amount of imposition from the outside can be classified as empowerment.