Air Vice Marshal (Retd) Former DG, India Meteorological Department (IMD), New Delhi

DISASTER EVENTS Cyclone Nisarga | Analysing the Arabian Sea Storms

<p>After Amphan causing widespread damage in the Eastern parts of India, the Indian Meteorological department has now issued warnings for the South Gujarat coast and Northern Maharashtra regarding the possibility of a cyclone Nisarga. As the cyclones are wreaking havoc in various parts of India almost every year consistently, it is pertinent to understand the phenomenon clearly. This article is thus an attempt to communicate to our readers about what a cyclone actually is, the various trends of cyclones in India and an analysis of whether global warming is contributing to cyclones or not.</p>

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CLIMATE CHANGE Top 10 Climate Change Indicators : Reliable Yardsticks

<p>Climate change indicators are observations that can be used to track the current state of climate and its trends. In order to bring objectivity in monitoring climate change, scientists have developed climate change indicators. The indicators are quantified and objective, based on data collected by countries all over the world. These demonstrate considerable change of climate over time.</p>

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RAIN PREDICTIONS Monsoon Features-Analysis of Season 2018

The southwest monsoon begins its long journey from the high-pressure region of Mascarenes High, veering slowly towards the Indian subcontinent. During their course, they are influenced by a host of oceanic and topographical factors.

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WEATHER N CLIMATE Early Warning of Natural Hazards

Although natural hazards may occur anywhere, their impact in developing countries is greater due to the prevailing economic, social, political and cultural vulnerabilities. A mechanism of early warning will minimise or even prevent future losses caused by such occurrences.

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WEATHER N CLIMATE Tropical Cyclones

A tropical cyclone is an intense low pressure system that is classified on the basis of its wind speed. The phenomena has a definitive structure and a well-defined life cycle.

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MONSOON IN INDIA Wettest Place in the World: Mawsynram

Mawsynram, has currently overtaken Cherrapunji as the wettest place on earth. But both these places in Meghalaya’s East Khasi hills share a common orography, although facing different valleys.

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