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Quarter Century of Ocean Technology

The National Institute of Ocean Technology (NIOT) is the only institute in the country working on technology for the oceans. In the quarter century of its existence, the achievements are truly remarkable. Technology development has been taken up from shallow water depths to deep waters. The areas of activity encompass societal benefits, strategic needs, technology […]

Bhugol Aur Aap

LIVE: मानसून 2020, जलाशय व खरीफ बुआई की दशा व दिशाः लाइव साप्ताहिक अपडेट

भारत में मानसूनी वर्षा 2020 भारतीय मौसम विज्ञान विभाग (आईएमडी) के अनुसार 1 जून से 30 सितंबर के बीच वर्ष 2020 का अखिल भारतीय मानसून मौसमी वर्षा सामान्य से अधिक रही है। आईएमडी 1961 से 2010 के बीच वर्षा के औसत को दीर्घावधिक औसत यानी एलपीए (Long Period Average-LPA) मानता है जो कि 88 सेंटीमीटर […]


Prof Saleemul Huq | Thinking Differently, Smartly and with great Agility | Transforming Agriculture

G’nY. How can agroecology or nature based solutions help transform agriculture in the South Asian region? What we have had previously in the Green Revolution was a strong technology-oriented fertiliser-pesticide-irrigation combined agricultural productivity increase. This was successful to some extent. But on the other hand, it caused problems with preserving natural conditions. Going forward, we […]