Campus voice

Campus Voice at Geography and You believes that every college student in their life should get the opportunity to live their dream careers. In the age of competition, no student is just expected to be stuffed with facts. These Campus Ambassadors work on exclusive projects that will help them pick amazing hands-on experience. The program is built for these students to maximize their learning, and provides a powerful networking platform by bringing together some of the best students’ minds across the country to collaborate and exchange ideas on various geographical issues which can be easily encountered in our daily lives.

What does it really take to be a part of Campus Voice?

So it is pretty simple, any student can apply for Campus Voice Program if you feel you possess the following attributes:

  • Burning desire to make a change in student college community
  • Ability to lead the student community in your college
  • Great Communication Skills
  • Good number of social media and inter-college contacts
  • Great attitude to learn and guide students
  • Ability to arrange various geographical events in the college
What do you get from being a part of Campus Voice?

Being the part you get:

  • 6 months free access into the website
  • Geography and You customized t-shirts and cups
  • Hands on Skills – You will get to incorporate in your personality skills like leadership, marketing, convincing, communication and the most important of all, team work.
  • Learn from students across different college
  • Access to visit two Paid Conferences in six months
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