Wild Meat and Wet Markets: A Global Dialogue

Photo courtesy: Adli-Wahid

Traditional wet markets are part of the popular local culture in many Asian countries. These wet markets offer a wide variety of fauna with culinary and medicinal properties.

Abstract: Wet markets operate in most Asian countries including India. China reported its wet markets as the epicentre of the Covid-19 outbreak in Wuhan and also more recently in Beijing. These wet markets, a traditional part of popular local culture in Asian countries, are increasingly becoming a cause of concern for the international community and health practitioners across the globe. This article attempts to understand how global authorities and their Asian partners are looking to regulate these infamous wet markets to significantly lower the risk of viral and other pathogenic load from these unhygienic wet markets.

The author is Assistant Researcher in Geography and You. saradasubhashgny@gmail.com. The article should be cited as Subhash S., 2020. Wild Meat and Wet Markets: A Global Dialogue, Geography and You, 20(146): 32-37