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NPL Special

National Measurement Standards

By: Sanjay Yadav

While metrology may not be a crowd favourite among sciences, its scope and nature is such that it touches every aspect of our lives, including economic activities.

Indian Standard Time

By: P Arora, M P Olaniya, P Kandpal, S Yadav, V Bharath, T Bhardwaj, P Thorat, S De, S Panja, N Sharma, A Agarwal, V N Ojha and D K Aswal

Indian Standard Time is the primary reference on which the country runs. However, keeping time is not the simplest of jobs. CSIR-NPL ensures that this time becomes accessible to all and everything runs proverbially, like clockwork.

Indigenously Developed Security Inks: Biluminescent Ink and Colour Altering Ink

By: Bipin Kumar Gupta

For the first time, Indian scientists at CSIR-NPL have come up with an ink-based solution that safeguards against counterfeit currency notes without relying on any foreign technology or assistance.

Wireless Metrology Policy in India: A Proposal

By: S K Dubey

As telecommunication is increasingly viewed as a basic need and mobile devices find greater prevalence within households, there arises a need to have a well-thought policy and regulation for the wireless communication industry.

Indian Certified Reference Materials: Indispensable for the Quality Assurance of Products and Processes

By: R P Pant

One of the most successful methods for assuring accuracy of measurement in different laboratories and tracing the same to the national standards is through the use of certified reference materials. CSIR-NPL has developed Indian Certified Reference Materials—trademarked Bhartiya Nirdeshak Drvayas (BNDs).

Environmental Metrology Must for Ensuring Air Quality Index

By: C Sharma

Poor air quality arising from rapid growth can hamper development besides adversely affecting the lives of millions. As such it is critical that India builds a scientific programme to address the issue.

Precise and Accurate Testing of Photovoltaic Systems: A Must for Quality Assurance

By: S K Srivastava, M Dutta, Vandana, P Prathap, Subhalaxmi, P Kumar, C M S Rauthan

Sunlight being plentiful in India, the country has the potential to meet its energy needs through renewable sources of energy. While India has been slow in adopting solar energy, it is presently catching up.

Biomedical Metrology

By: Rajesh

The advances in medical science have come hand in hand with the arrival of new technology that is capable of diagnosis, treatment and everything in between. This makes it crucial to ensure accurate and comparable results of clinical measurements.


Accurate and precise measurements Essential for scientific discoveries, regulation and manufacturing of high quality products

By: Staff Reporter

In conversation with D K  Aswal, Director, National Physical Laboratory, where he interactively highlights the importance of a quality measurement standard in the nation, apart from various innovations of the prestigious Institute.

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