El NiÑo/La NiÑa and The Indian Monsoon

Photo courtesy: NASA

El Nino events have a major impact on phytoplankton (in green) especially when the warm water pushes far to the east of the Pacific.

Abstract: The monsoon varies over intra-seasonal, inter-annual and multi-decadal time-scales—with the inter-annual variability being the most relevant to the season. Droughts and floods associated with this variability adversely impact agriculture, water resources and eventually, the Indian economy.

The author is a scientist at the India Meteorological Department, New Delhi. dr.pattanaik@imd.gov.in. The article should be cited as Pattanaik D.R., 2019. El Nino/ La Nina and The Indian Monsoon, Geography and You, 19(18): 36-41