The Chadar Trek

The author is a practicing paediatrician and an avid photographer, New Delhi.

Term Power

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Fishes possessing a life history of migration between lakes or rivers and streams.

Water that has more salinity than fresh water.

Fishes that migrate from fresh water to salt water to spawn.

This zone is the part of the sea or ocean (or deep lake) comprising the water column that is near to and is significantly affected by the seabed and the benthos.

Occurs in aquatic environments when dissolved oxygen reduces to an abysmal level.

A method of fishing which uses lures on a vertical line.

Primary producers of the planktonic world.

Has a rope attached with weights at the bottom that can be drawn up like a purse once the school of fish is ensnared.

Involves one or more fishing lines drawn slowly through the water behind a boat.

The act of reproduction of fishes.

Fish that is born in fresh water, lives in the sea and returns to fresh water to spawn.