Ozone Pollution from Urban Sources: A Case Study

Photo Courtesy: Keith  m.

Megacities are projected to rise in numbers  from  ten in 1990 to more than 41 by 2030. Low lying ozone is a pollutant and a key component of smog, a familiar problem in cities around the world.

Abstract: Surface ozone levels spiked during the summer of 2019 in Delhi. As ozone is harmful to crops and human health, this peculiar rise in its levels indicates a need to monitor ambient ozone levels over a longer period so as to put evidence-based control regulations in place.

The authors are Professor and Research Scholar, School of Environmental Sciences, JNU, New Delhi, respectively. umeshkulshrestha@gmail.com. The article should be cited as Kulshrestha U. & Mishra M. , 2019. Ozone Pollution from Urban Sources, Geography and You, 19(23): 30-35