Total Column Ozone in the Atmosphere

Photo courtesy: QIMONO
The total amount of ozone in a column from the surface to the edge of the atmosphere is the total column ozone.

Abstract: The Montreal Protocol and its amendments have played an important role in restricting the depletion of stratospheric ozone caused by anthropogenic ozone-depleting substances. The India Meteorological Department is monitoring the total column ozone, which shows that photochemistry is the dominant factor controlling its concentration. Research has also revealed that stratospheric ozone concentrations over different regions along the same latitude have varying recovery rates.

The authors are scientists at the Environment Monitoring & Research Centre, India Meteorological Department, New Delhi, The article should be cited as Soni V. K. & Kumar R.R., 2019. Total Colomn Ozone in the  Atmosphere, Geography and You, 19(23 ): 4-9