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Vol no. 15 Issue No. 90

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A Stitch in Time

By: Manu Gupta

Making Disaster Risk Reduction a Priority for Everyone. Long term mitigation planning, and ensuring that all new development is sensitive to potential risks is the need of the hour, given the fact that South Asia is vulnerable to major earthquakes in the future.

Developing a Disaster Management Strategy

By: C P Rajendran

The recent Nepal earthquakes should be viewed as an opportunity to rethink earlier attitudes, and have us embark on a disaster management strategy based on mitigation, rather than mere response.

The Nepal Earthquake: The Mechanics of Devastation

By: G P Ganapathy

The Eurasian and Indian plates meet along the central part of Nepal. The subducting Indian plate thrusting into the Eurasian plate makes Nepal a highrisk seismic zone. In such a scenario, measures to minimise quake-related damage is imperative.

Tremors in Bihar

By: Anil K Sinha and Asif Shahab

Awareness on how to deal with disasters can significantly prevent trauma-related issues, as also deaths and injuries caused by earthquakes in seismically active regions.

Traditional Genius and Earthquakes

By: Piyoosh Rautela

Traditional building techniques have always existed in regions vulnerable to earthquakes. Unfortunately, aspirations to modernity have tended to bury these norms, resulting in heavy casualties in recent times.

Towards Risk Sensitive Development

By: Staff Reporter

Building on a Flood Plain and a Fault Zone

By: Staff Reporter

A nation that seeks to educate the common man about the pitfalls of poor siting on one hand, chooses to do an exact opposite on the other.

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