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Vol no. 18 Issue No. 114

Expert Panel

B Meenakumari

Former Chairperson, National Biodiversity Authority, Chennai.

Ajit Tyagi

Air Vice Marshal (Retd) Former DG, India Meteorological Department (IMD), New Delhi

Rasik Ravindra

Geologist and Secretary General, 36 IGC, New Delhi.

Saraswati Raju

Former Professor, CSRD, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi.

Prithvish Nag

Former Vice Chancellor, MG Kashi Vidyapeeth, Varanasi

B Sengupta

Former Member Secretary, Central Pollution Control Board, New Delhi.

Sachidanand Sinha

Professor, CSRD, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi.

Dripto Mukhopadhaya

Chief Executive, ACRA, Noida, Uttar Pradesh.

Inside this issue


Permafrost Meltdown and Climate Change

By: Staff Reporter

Organic matter in the Himalayas, the Arctic and parts of Southern Hemisphere are thawing and releasing greenhouse gases. While the rate of permafrost thaw is subject to differing opinions, it can still beat every step made towards mitigating global meltdown.

Meghalayan Age: A new Geological Age within Holocene

By: Staff Reporter

The newly incorporated Meghalayan age in the Geological Time Scale replaces what the scientists called the late Holocene and succeeds the Northgrippian age. The new age began roughly 4,200 years ago during a severe drought period, which is what probably wiped out many civilisations flourishing during the time.

Local Level Weather Forecasts

By: Staff Reporter

With the development of a 12 km probabilistic weather forecasting model, an unprecedented improvement in forecasting systems has been made by the Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology, Pune. It is now possible to provide sufficient lead time for exogenous weather at district or sub-district level.

Development ODDS

Delhi’s Trash Hills

By: Staff Reporter

Three humongous landfills of Delhi—Ghazipur, Okhla and Bhalaswa, are way past their capacity. Yet they continue to grow. As their collapse appears imminent with each passing day, threatening to sink the city under its own weight, authorities are suggesting measures for alternatives spaces that are clearly not viable.

The Efficacy of the Plastic Ban: Findings from States

By: Staff Reporter

A total of 19 states in India have introduced a ban on plastic bags. Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh too have recently joined the fight against plastic waste. However, plastic usage continues unhindered in the absence of rigorous implementation considerably undermining the effectiveness of the ban.

Debating Rights

The Real Issue of Sabarimala

By: Bastian Steuwer

The right of women to enter the Sabarimala temple is at the center of national debates. A middle ground needs to be found for the opposing claims made by individuals and communities on the limits of private discrimination.

New Engery

Developing self sufficiency in energy production

By: Sanjib Pohit and Sameer Malik

Energy consumption in India has increased greatly since the 1980s, but domestic production has remained sluggish. Renewable energy now offers a remedy to the low domestic production levels.


Plastic waste utilisation: Mindsets need to change

By: Staff Reporter

The ‘Plastic Man of India’, Padma Shri Rajagopalan Vasudevan, former Professor of Chemistry at Thiagrajar College of Engineering, is revered for his innovation of using waste plastic in road construction. Speaking with G’nY he outlines the pivotal role humans play in preserving nature. 

Muslim fertility rate has shown the sharpest decline in recent years

By: Staff Repoerter

In conversation with the affable Dr Amitabh Kundu, renowned economist and currently a distinguished fellow at  Research and Information System for Developing Countries, New Delhi, G’nY brings forth significant issues prevailing among different socio-cultural groups in the country.

In brief

Editor's Note

The collective effort of humans to organise knowledge has brought us to an age where inequalities are an accepted norm. Religion has through history, acted as a catalyst, assisting societies to bind in a ‘sameness’—organising a community. Despite being same in the eyes of the lord, religion ha